AMC Property Management






                                          Administration and Property Leasing

  • Preparing and placing ads for leasing of property (virtually and directly)
  • Receiving leasing inquiry calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Arranging for showing the property to prospective tenants
  • Obtaining rental and deposit from tenants
  • Preparing lease, arrange for signing, and re-negotiate at renewal time
  • Ensuring all expenses are paid on behalf of owner
  • Preparing and sending the Expense Reports (as per requested period)
  • Caring out all necessary banking activities
  • Inspecting property at the time of leasing.


Administration Commissions:

       *Long Term Rentals: 20%

       *Short Term Rentals: 20%

Rental Commissions:

* One Year Lease: 1 Month.

* Six Months Lease: ½ Month.

* Short Term Rentals: 10%.


                                    Maintenance and Property Inspections

  • Arrange and report all the necessary repairs to the property
  • Recommended appropriate maintenance, while not rented, as a result for better apartment rental conditions:

-          Monthly Property Inspection &

-          Monthly Cleaning.


In a non rented period the monthly cost for our services is:


-          1Bedroom apartment- 40U$;

-          2 Bedroom apartment- 50U$;

-          3 Bedroom apartment- 60U$.


* All other Property Expenses are not included in the Property Management Price List.



Please contact us for any extra questions!